Earlewood Disc Golf Course “Par 54”  World Class “Par 46.61”

*The descriptions are based on a right hand back hand perspective for wording*
”Surrounded by water in any of the creek beds is Out of Bournd”

Hole #1 (287’) -           Slightly up hill straight, some folks like the high hyzer shot over the small trees.


Hole #2 (256’) -           Mandatory to left of tree with pointing white hand.  If you do not make the Mando

                                    you throw from the drop zone just to the left of the mandatory tree with a 1 stroke

                                    penalty.  Slight turn over shot down hill.


Hole #3 (389’)  -          Long slight up hill hyzer, some folks go the tricky turn over route.          


Hole #4 (160’) -           Straight slight down hill, or use the left to right route.  Beware of creek, it is in front

                                    and circles around to the left of the basket.  Between the tee-pad and the basket the

                                    creek bed has concrete near the pipe that goes under the road.  If you are surrounded

                                    by this concrete you are Out of Bounds.  Treat it as being surrounded by water.


Hole #5 (295’) -           Straight shot, or left to right turn over.  Beware of ditch/creek  O.B. string line goes

                                    the entire distance and beyond the basket.


Hole #6 (251’) -           Hyzer or Anhyzer blind shot down hill.  ditch/creek  has O.B. string line down left side.

                                    Beyond basket surround by water in ditch/creek is O.B.


Hole #7 (272’) -           Up hill hyzer shot.  Some folks try the risky left to right.  The road beyond the basket and

                                    beyond is O.B.  It is not really a factor, but possible.


Hole #8 (245’) -           Straight at it or hyzer route over the walking path.  Road to right and beyond is O.B.


Hole #9 (330’) -           Turn over shot.  Surrounded by tennis court pavement is O.B.  You do not even have to be

                                    in side the fence to find this penalty stroke.  Beyond the second train tracks on the right is

                                    O.B.  “Please go to right of tennis court to hole #10 if folks are on the tee-pad for #1.”


Hole #10 (260’) -         Straight shot, or hyzer.  Surrounded by water in creek on left is O.B.  Sidewalk to right and

                                    Beyond is O.B.  The parking lot road and beyond is O.B.


Hole #11 (185’) -         Up hill straight.  Road to right and beyond is O.B.


Hole #12 (300’) -         Down hill Hyzer shot, or down hill turn over shot.  Surrounded by water in creek on left is

                                    O.B.  Grip locked shots that are surrounded by concrete on amphitheater or shelter are O.B.


Hole #13 (282’) -         Up over the hill to a down hill hyzer shot, some folks go straight at it.


Hole #14 (200’) -         Up hill straight.  Grip lock over thrown shots could end up O.B. on the road to the right.


Hole #15 (199’) -         Down hill blind shot, hyzer is most used, but anhyzer shot is there.


Hole #16 (310’) -         Straight across valley.  Big arms can go O.B. on the road and beyond.  Concrete

                                    amphitheater is O.B.  This includes the steps if you are completely surrounded.


Hole #17 (195’) -         Straight, slight turn over or wide left to right.  Road and beyond is O.B.  Also an O.B. string

                                    Is behind basket, making it like an island shot.


Hole #18 (382’) -         Down hill straight.  Road to right and beyond is O.B.  Surrounded by water in creek beyond

                                    basket is O.B.